Software Implementation & Support

Are you a software company looking for some help with software implementation and support? I can travel to your customer's offices and help them transition to your system, and I can act as your customer's first point of contact for support and other needs.

Business Consulting

Need help figuring out whether or not your business is making money?  Want to work on scaling your operations? Just need someone to help you run your business? I love helping small businesses grow.


Need an e-commerce store set up? I can set you up on WordPress & WooCommerce.  After the initial setup, I'll show you how to keep your site up to date and your stock fresh.

Web Hosting

Need to establish a web presence?  Don't want to pay for your own domain or deal with webhosting? No problem, I'll set you up on mine.  Let's chat!

Ai Self-Portrait

Who I Am

Creative Multipreneur

My name is Ai Ling Chow, and I am a proven multipreneur: I own or partly-own four startups and don't plan on quitting anytime soon.  I'm a bit of a dork because I love setting up new businesses and getting them off the ground.  That said, I would be more than happy to help you with yours!

What I Do

Set Businesses Up Quickly & Easily

The business of business shouldn't be all about paperwork and compliance.  I'm here to make your job easier and free you up to do the hard things while I help you take care of everything else.  I can set up your accounts and accounting system, design and set up your website and/or e-commerce storefront, point you to the best resources... I've done it all and I want to do it again for you.

Ai Goofing Off

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